SOS Annual Report 2016/2017

Samaritans of Singapore’s Annual Report 2016/2017 was conceptualised and designed by TADA* in 2017. It details SOS’s growth in 2016 with infographics and photos.


A*STAR ARTC’s Annual Report 2016 was conceptualised and designed by TADA* in 2017. It details ARTC’s growth in 2016 with infographics and photos.


Working in conjunction with The Network and Regent Printing, TADA* created the designs for Great Eastern AA’s Thesis and Calendar designs for 2017.
Using infographics and inspirational quotes, the final output is both easy to understand and attractive.

AA Singapore Road Safety

An activity book designed and illustrated by TADA* for the purpose of teaching road safety to children. A 3D floor art was also created and installed for this campaign.

Republic Polytechnic

Developed for Republic Polytechnic’s School of Sports, Health and Leisure, this handy booklet details SHL’s projects with industry collaborations throughout the year.

Advanti Racing Brand Guide

An updated version of Advanti Racing’s Brand Guide for 2017 – 2019. It has been expanded to include advertising templates, social media guidelines as well as a range of new sub brand guidelines within the Advanti Racing Group.

PacificLight Calendar

Calendar design created for PacificLight with the theme of “Making Singapore a Better Place”. This is presented in conjunction with South West CDC featuring artworks from students based on the theme.

Cisco Intel NetApp F1 2012 – 2014

As part of the sponsors’ yearly reward for their top clients, TADA* was drafted to brand, plan and design this annual event. Collaterals created include race packs, infographic posters, wall murals, emailers, space planning and more.

AA Singapore Collaterals

TADA* has created numerous above and below the line promotional materials for The Automobile Association of Singapore as one of their designated agencies’. These include magazine ads, seasonal promotional booklets, billboards, banners, flyers, membership vouchers and more.

Spick for Kids

Spick is set up by local company Vetpharm as eco-friendly antiseptic sprays aimed at parents for kids. TADA* designed bottle labels as well as marketing brochure for their marketing needs.