SAFRA Punggol

SAFRA Punggol’s Official Opening collaterals designed by TADA*. This full scale campaign’s highlight was the invitation design which received plenty of positive feedback from visitors.

NDP 2016

NDP 2016 has been our greatest undertaking for the country thus far. Appointed as design agency by the NDP B&P committee, TADA* was responsible for all design matters large or small, culminating in over 600 designs created including the first ever concept train designs. In addition, TADA* was also the brand custodians in charge of all NDP 2016 assets with our creative director serving as judge for the logo design competition.

AA Singapore Road Safety

An activity book designed and illustrated by TADA* for the purpose of teaching road safety to children. A 3D floor art was also created and installed for this campaign.

Lifestorey Sale Campaigns

Lifestorey, a home grown brand carrying the latest furnishing trends engaged TADA* to create a slew of campaigns for their various promotions. Each campaign is crafted with a unique theme while maintaining a consistent look for the brand.

Spinelli Summer Jubilee

Spinelli Coffee Company has created a range of coffee beverages blended with ice known as Spins. TADA* created a range of designs to promote their latest offerings as well as a Dining Guide to complement the beverages on offer for the summer season.

Brotzeit Chong Qing Opening

A long-time collaborator for Brotzeit’s chain of franchised restaurants, TADA* was asked to create a series of designs to launch its latest outlet in Chong Qing China from initial hoardings to motion video promotions.

Cisco Intel NetApp F1 2012 – 2014

As part of the sponsors’ yearly reward for their top clients, TADA* was drafted to brand, plan and design this annual event. Collaterals created include race packs, infographic posters, wall murals, emailers, space planning and more.

Scotts Square Garden of Senses

A successful event created by Embrya Productions for Scotts Square entitled Garden of Senses, features designs, illustrations and space planning from TADA*.

Marquis Studio / Marquis QSquare

Featuring designer displays and carry the finest names in Italian home furnishings, TADA* was roped in to create bespoke designs for their sales and promotion campaigns.

Manhattan Fish Market

To launch their new promotion entitled Famous Five, showcasing 5 of Manhattan Fish Market’s top sellers, TADA* crafted a full series of marketing materials including advertisements, 3D standees, menus, posters and more.